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Choosing the Right Partners in Cleaning

In maintaining the cleanliness of our workspace or a public space, we rely on the experts to do this job. There are a number of companies such as offers from calgary janitorial services that we can trust to deliver a clean output. Choosing the right partner in cleaning and maintenance does not involve just one aspect, but a number of factors that can ensure that the payment you give will be equal to the service you get.

Just to give you a general idea, here are some pointers to look at if you are looking to acquire janitorial services:


  1. Check the company’s background

Hiring people to do the cleaning means you are entrusting the place to the people too. This is why you should always read about reviews on their company, and ask other people about their experience too. The best research you can do is getting first hand information from those who have tried their services. Ask the company to give you the entire details and information of every person they are planning to send over so that you can background check them too. It might sound like a big job, but it’s all for your safety.


  1. Verify with other companies

Do a comparative analysis on the quotation of other companies and what are the inclusive items for the contract. There are cases wherein the total amount only applies to the workforce itself and not the supply of cleaning materials and other necessities of the service. Be sure to not only make your decision based on the cheapest price but with the company that provides a much promising service.


  1. Ask about the contract itself

Not taking time to study the contract and do rush decisions might only lead to headaches once the services have started. Verify with the company what provisions are stated that can protect you from liabilities, damages and other expenses that might result from their service. Ask away and do not be shy in clarifying things you do not understand with them. Instead of thinking about how to save more, think about which decision will give you more peace of mind.


  1. Ask about the timeframe and provisions in terminating contract

Not all companies have this, but if you are planning on engaging their services for a big office, it might be a good idea to have a probation period that is agreed upon by both parties; the probation period will be a trial period to ensure things are going to run smoothly once everything is finalized. Be sure to also ask about how they handle the termination of contract just in case you do not wish to renew their service. By doing so their company is made aware that you are strict in your expectations of them properly implementing the service you will be paying for.


Janitorial services were made for companies, small businesses and even homes that cannot maintain or do not have the time and workforce to do so. Be sure to take time and carefully assess the company that you want to work with. They are not only partners in cleaning, but also partners in keeping the cleanliness your staff needs to produce efficient work.


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